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Better Fitting Booty Shorts: Top 10, Easy Things To Do For Your Weight Loss In The New Year!

Every year for New Years many of us make a plan for change for the coming year. I don't know about you, but it usually involves losing weight! The never ending cycle of wanting to shed the pounds that have crept up from a year of overindulging. I think the holidays tip us past the point where we feel comfortable and away we go with another resolution for change. Having a plan is the key for success that I've found in previous years- it's the sticking to it part that I need to work on. Follow these tips and you'll have better fitting booty shorts in no time! So here we go, The Top 10 Things To Do For Your Weight Loss In The New Year: 1. Write it Down- Create a journal or use an app to track where, what and when you are eating and how much exercise you are getting each day. It's a great way to track your milestones and reward yourself when you've reached certain goals! 2. Starting Drinking Water Now! We don't realize how important water is for every function that goes on in our bodies! Water helps to clear out toxins, curb the appetite and nourish our muscles so we can get on with being active. 3. Fresh Lemon in Hot water to start the day-  Lemon water helps with the alkalinity of our body- we want to be more alkaline than acidic as acidity leads to inflammation. Have this daily to start the day and throughout to help curb your appetite. 4. Share your goals- Find a workout partner or share with a relative what you are doing, it will make you more accountable and who knows, you may be inspiring others at the same time! 5. Meditate -Even for just a short time, every day to focus on your goals, assess where you are and to see what needs to be done. The perfect time to think of all you have to be  thankful for. 6. Walk-Walking is a great way to ease into exercise if you haven't been doing any for a while. It releases natural endorphins in your system to make you feel good! Its free, and it's easy - aim for 3o minutes a day to start! 7. Eat more Veggies- Crowd out all the junk on your plate with  nutrient rich vegetables, juice them in the morning if you like and try to include them with every meal. 9. Cut down on alcohol- Alcohol dehydrates the body, puts stress on our organs and contributes to poor food decisions while enjoying, and the next day…self explanatory! 10.Stretch or Yoga in daily practice- We don't stretch enough, period. Do you know you have to hold your stretches for at least 30 seconds each in order for them to be effective? Find a beginner yoga video or class to attend and try to make time every day, perhaps before  bed or instead of sitting on the couch watching tv. Sounds easy enough doesn't it, well you have to start somewhere so why not make it simple? All the best to you and your health in the coming year!

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